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Cacho Tirao was born April 5 1941 and he began to play the guitar at the age of four years, teached by his father. At the age of seven he won his first prize, for a presentation in the artistic section of Radio Mitre. With just 16 years he was included as soloist in the orchestra of the Teatro Argentino de La Plata. Member of the mythical Quintet of Astor Piazzolla, Tirao worked among others with Osvaldo Tarantino, Dino Saluzzi and Rodolfo Mederos, accompanied Josephine Baker and he left records of near 40 albums, one of those which sold a million badges. He was also author of numerous own compositions, among them the Concert for Guitar and Symphonic Orchestra Conciertango Buenos Aires", created to instances of the brilliant Spanish concertista Joaquín Rodrigo and that he used for the first time in Belgium in 1985. During the seventies he was at the front of the program spectacular Recitals that had high audience levels. By those years he also began to give recitals with Paco of Lucía who then became a great friend of Cacho. In the 2000 Tirao collapsed in the middle of a concert, while he was playing a recital in the House of Culture of Adrogué. After having abandoned the artistic activity for six years, after a cardiovascular incident in 2000 that generated him a Hemiplegia, Tirao had recaptured his presentations and at the end of the year 2006 registered his last Album, "Renacer" that was published in January and that he planned to present live soon in Buenos Aires. In this Album that includes a series of his own compositions as "Le petit tango", "Tercer tiempo" and "Teresa, mi renacer", dedicated to his wife, also participated his daughter Alejandra in voices. He died in May 30 2007 in his house of Capital Federal.

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