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There is have been several acts with this name: 1) a Norwegian rock band 2) a Spanish pop group 3) an Australian luxury vehicle 1) Legendary, catchy, melodic and slightly underestimated Norwegian rock-band, disbanded in 2005. Released three very different albums, all very well-played, well-produced and very well-written. Why Cadillac never gained the same recognition as many of their contemporaries remains a mystery, but it probably stems from internal struggles and a low touring-frequency. Still, Cadillac left behind three brilliant albums, well worth checking out (if you can find them, that is). From : Cadillac formed in 1999, and had their first concert under this name at the Tauterstock festival that summer. The three-piece started out as a crossover from 70's prog. to Jimi Hendrix. Haakan Lundquist joined the band from 2000 untill 2002 as guitarist and co-writer. He left the band later that year. Drummer Sveinar Hoff left the band in 2003. The same year Ole Thomas Kolberg (Drums) and Hans Christian Froenes (Guitars) joined the band. The last full-length album "Magnetic City" was released in 2004. The band had parted with retro prog-rock, and was now a melodic hardcore act. The band split up november 2005. -And since the website no longer exists, we set this up for y'all..... 'best. Per. 2) Cadillac were a Spanish pop group, active between 1981 and 1986. They are known internationally for their participation in the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest. The group was founded in Madrid in 1981 by José María Guzmán (vocals/guitar) and Eduardo Ramírez (vocals/bass). They recruited Pedro Sánchez (vocals/keyboards) and Javier de Juan (drums) to form a quartet. Their first album, Pensando en tí, was released later that year to critical approval but only modest sales. Javier de Juan left the group in 1982 and was replaced by Daniel Jacques. Cadillac's second and third albums. Llegas de madrugada and Un día mas, also failed to sell in large quantities. Ramírez left the group, unhappy with decisions made by their record company, and Pepe Marchante came in as bassist. The group finally made a commercial breakthrough in 1985 with the album Funkyllac, which contained the hit single "Arturo" and featured harder rhythms which proved popular with record buyers. In 1986, Cadillac were chosen by broadcaster TVE as the Spanish representatives for the 31st Eurovision Song Contest with the Guzmán-composed song "Valentino". That year's contest took place on 3 May in Bergen, Norway, where "Valentino" placed tenth of the 20 entries. Marchante left the group in 1986, and this ultimately led to their decision to disband later that year. 3) Cadillac is an Australian luxury vehicle marque signed to Future Classic. If you like guitar solos, slow mo piano jams and the sounds of balearic, disco, pop and rock then we might have just the vehicle for you. But before we get to their dancing tunes here's their glorious piano outro “High For Me” that will be on their debut self titled ep. Download up for a limited time. This bad boy is available on digital but most importantly available on vinyl as a double 12 inch – a Future Classic first! Come and embark on Cadillac's journey of an endless summer.

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