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An alias of house / electro / disco house Nicola Fasano. He is based in Montecarlo\Miami, and Venezia, Italy. Nicola Fasano writes, arranges and produces an unbelievable number of songs both pop and house. Respected for his peculiar talent, he works with some of the best international artists and producers/remixers such as: Belle Epoque, Joy Negro, Dj Chus, Jocelyn Brown, Chanel, Robbie Rivera, Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold, Lee Cabrera, Ian Carey, Ryan Yoshimoto, Jerry Ropero, D.o.n.s., Olivier Berger (Casaflava), Paul Harris (Dirty Vegas), The Beginnerz, Bimbo Jones, The Beginerz, Chris Kaeser...

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