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Cagnet biography

A groove-fusion of soulful pop and R&B, Cagnet captures the excitement and positive energy that defines the spirit of the Santa Monica, California music scene they call home. In an unprecedented move, Cagnet debuted in Japan where they became international popstars selling millions of records. Now back on American soil - after several sold-out international tours - Cagnet has released their stateside debut Groove Radio on indie label hyperdisc Records. Cagnet is the brainchild of internationally renowned producer and Berklee School of Music graduate Daisuke Hinata. With a Grammy nomination and several Top Ten singles in Japan, Daisuke founded Hyper Image Studios in Santa Monica before beginning his collaboration with famed guitarist Bud Rizzo. Together they recruited the top talents characterizing the energy of Santa Monica's burgeoning groove scene and Cagnet was born. Soulful lead vocalist Anna McMurphy, backing vocalist Natalie Burks, English guitarist Rowan Robertson, drummer Jimi Paxson, and bassist Perry Frank round up the multi-cultural line up. Together they draw as much from Brazilian, African, Japanese, American, and British influences as they do from pop, funk, techno, jazz and R&B. Energized by Daisuke's global vision, Cagnet fuses the pulse of their influences to create their signature sound.

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