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Cahit Berkay (born 3rd August 1946, Uluborlu, Isparta, Turkey), is a Turkish musician and one of the founders of the band Moğollar. He was born in 1946 in Uluborlu, the district of Isparta. He went to Istanbul with his family in 1959 . He graduated from high school in Istanbul Kabataş High School.He completed his university education in Istanbul University Economy Faculty. He fullfilled his short term military service in Kütahya in 1976. He got married in 1983 with Meriah, a paintress. He has a daughter named Müge. He began playing music by playing mandolin in primary school. He made amateur music between the years of 1960-1965. In 1965 ,he stepped into the professional music community in Selçuk Alagöz Orchestra . He became a founder member of the rock band Moğollar in 1967. He plays guitar ,bağlama, cura and bowed stringed tanbur. In 1974 ,he began making soundtracks for movies .Until 2005, he produced soundtracks for 149 full-length movies , 58 tv series and many commercials . He won Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (Antalya Altın Portakal Film Festivali) prize for three times. He has some The Best Movie Soundtrack Prizes from film festivals of various Mediterranian countries. In 1971, he and Moğollar band also achived “French Academie Charles Cros Grand Prix Du Disque’’ prize which is a special prize of France.

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