California top 20 songs


California biography

1) California was a powerrock formation from Roeselare, BE. They've started in 2005 as a metal project found by Lester, Dion and Mathias , but when Ayla joined the style slightly changed and the music became 'softer'. The first album 'Music For The Masses' was recorded in 2006. And after a lot of shows and months, they recorded a 3-song album 'Field of Clovers'. They played more shows until November 2007 and intended to make a whole new live-set, but in March 2008 the spirit was gone and they decided to stop. Both the albums are downloadable for free on Final line-up: - Mathias Catry, guitars (2005 - 2008) - Ayla Brulez, vocals (2006 - 2008) - Lester Klaassen, bass (2005 - 2008) - Dion Klaassen, drums (2005 - 2008) Former members: - Mathias Mahieu, vocals (2006 - 2007) - Ruben Denys, vocals (2005 - 2006) - Gerlinde Logghe, bagpipes (temporarily in 2007) - Dieter Bruneel, guitars (2005) Roadcrew: - Sammy Depoortere (2005 - 2006) - Yaron Brulez (2006 - 2008) 2) There is also a new band called California currently. They are a pop-punk band from upstate New York. they will be releasing a 7"/cdep through FWYS Records and Little Heart Records .You can check them out at 4) SLOVENIAN BAND

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