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There are three bands under this name. (for disambiguation note spelling in quotations) "Call the cops!" 1)California electro-pop rockers Call The Cops have arrived just in time to be the wake up call we’ve all been waiting for. Put on your dancing shoes and come along as this band ushers in a hot and pulsating fresh sound for your backseat make out sessions and after-hour parties. Fans of Metro Station, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low, secure your ‘I knew them before they were famous’ bragging rights now! The debut EP, Motion Sickness, is just the beginning, as CTC are primed and ready to break down doors, set off alarms and win over audiences everywhere. Call the cops were signed to Myspace Records after winning a contest in 2009. Their debut album was released in 2010. "Call the cops..." 2) Call the Cops…, formed in ‘04, is a class struggle punk rock band based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Tess (vocals), Dan the Cannibal (vocals/harmonica), John (drums), Al (Bass)and Nick (guitar). Original cast of Tom, Dan, Al and Brian for the beginning conception and first two songs quickly changed with the addition of members from Enemy Ancestor and Brian dropping the guitar for Nick to pick up. Disbanded as of '07 to pursue other projects including Perdition (NY), Sheltershock (MD), Sacri-fidelis (MD), and Drunk again (MD). "Call the cops" 3) While being together during the same time as the 2) Call The Cops, this line up hailed from the Arizona deserts. The original line up was Jon(vocals), Shaun(guitar), Zach(of Coughing Up Blood and Get Destroyed, bass), and Dustin (drums). The first practice they had in Dustin's garage (in which the cops were called) then Shaun's dad found an empty office for them to practice in on Sundays at the Lexus dealership where he worked. After a few practices with Dustin he was replaced with Nik and they stopped practicing at the Lexus Dealership. Eventually they recorded numerous times and were scheduled to have a 7" put out on 625. After kicking Shaun out and not finding a replacement the band fell apart and the record was never released. However, almost two years after the band's demise four of their demo tracks appeared on the 625 "Trapped In A Scene" Comp. Zach and Nik now play guitar and drums in Get Destoryed, Jon plays drums in Think Fast, and Shaun is still the biggest Ohio State fan you will ever meet in your entire life.

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