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Artist: Cameo
Genre: Funk
4.4 stars - based on 250 reviews
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It's like candy, I can feel it when you walk
Even when you talk it takes over me
You're so tender, I wanna know
Can you feel it too just like I do

This stuff is starting now, It's the same feeling
I always seem to get around you
There's no mistaking, I'm clearly taken
By the simple mere thought of you, oh

This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now

My eyes roll in my head, I toss and turn in my bed
In the morning when I think about you, yes I do
Simply put, you're the reason why
Even though I'm real shy, real shy

I attempt to look my best for you
Indeed I do, just for you
'Cause you affect me, fascinate me
I thank heaven for the things that you do

It's like candy
You sure are sweet, sweet!
You're so tender
You're taking my appetite, but it's all right

(It's like candy)
Ooh, vanilla! Oh, chocolate!
You look real nice, wrapped up tight
(You're so tender)
You're giving me a heart attack
It's the kind I like

It's like candy
You're so tender

You're like a brand new feeling
In a special way, a surprise package
On a bright clear sunny day
(You're so tender)
And wrapped up tight, so good, so good

Strawberry! Raspberry! All those good flavors!
Violets and gumdrops, that's what you're saying to me, oh
Sweet candy, candy
(It's like candy)
Sure seems like good candy to me, oh baby, oh baby

You're so tender
It's like candy
You're so tender
You're sweet

It's like candy
You're so tender

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