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Canada biography

Canada is a seven piece musical collective hailing from the Ann Arbor area of Michigan. The group was conceived in late 2004 when a group of mild mannered acquaintances who all happened to play various musical machines gathered together in a basement full of rain and chandeliers and began writing. Shortly after, they convened on a farm just outside of Ann Arbor and crafted their songs from the air and from the earth. From these gatherings came the beginnings to what would lead up to This Cursed House. Canada has just wrapped up a tour with Page France as well as a short tour with their dear friends Saturday Looks Good to Me. Please prepare yourself to feel overly charmed. Imagine a scenario where The Arcade Fire shows up at Sufjan's backwoods cabin with blankets and board games, and you'll likely capture the aura that has surrounded such an incredibly "worth it" band.

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