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CapaRezza is the pseudonym of Michele Salvemini , an Italian singer originating in Apulia, Italy (born in Molfetta, October 9th, 1973). CapaRezza lyrics criticize society with a pungent irony in contexts that are sometimes fantastic and unreal. At first CapaRezza may seem nonsensical because he uses many strange metaphors, and above all, since he has disowned the mainstream of hip-hop, he appears a nonconformist refused by the most part of Italy. In his four albums there is everything: anger and at the same time desire for redemption, nostalgia, love, guilt, but especially a wish for change. This aspect is particularly evident in his first album, where the artist disowns and nearly denies his past, when he was Mikimix, because he was incoherent compared to now. But CapaRezza has a lot of talent, unfortunately unrecognized today. During his early years CapaRezza used the pseudonym Mikimix. He composed melodic songs with poor artistic value and without much success. He also presented the TV program “Segnali di Fumo” with Paolo Maugeri on Video Music. After some shows in Milan’s pubs, Mikimix made his debut in Castrocaro Festival. He then took part in two Sanremo Festivals in Categoria Giovani, in 1995 and in 1997, and succeeded in the publication of an album, La mia buona stella, which, however, was a success only in France. When he returned to Molfetta to make a fresh start, he continued to compose music in his garage and grew longer hair and a beard. Mikimix changed his name to CapaRezza (“Curly Hair” in Apulian dialect), and in 2000 he published his first album, CapaRezza?!. Although the songs of the first album were of high quality, it was his second album, Verità Supposte, which led him to success in 2003-2004. His third album, Habemus Capa, is a criticism of society's contradictions. It was published in 2006. In 2008, his fourth and latest album arrived, Le Dimensioni del mio Caos, a science-fiction story. In 2008, CapaRezza also published a book, “Saghe Mentali”, the description of his discography. Now, Michele sings with Diego Perrone, voice of Medusa, who has replaced Stefano Ciannamea; Stefano is the creator of CapaRezza’s official site. CapaRezza is also a member of Sunny Cola Connection, a group which sings in Apulian dialect. In addition, lately, he has cooperated with Mondo Marcio, Roy Paci & Aretuska, and, naturally, with Medusa. At present, CapaRezza’s band is composed of Rino Corrieri (drums), Gaetano Camporeale (keyboards), Giovanni Astorino (bass), and Alfredo Ferrero (guitar).

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