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Carabao biography

Carabao are a Thai rock band which is extremely popular in Thailand and other Asian countries. The group was formed in 1976 by university students Yuanyong Opakul (Aed) and Kirati Promsaka Na Sakon Nakhon (Khiao) who met while studying in The Philippines. The word carabao is Tagalog meaning "buffalo", a symbol of fighting, hard working and patience. The band are known for their pleng peua chiiwit or "songs for life". This kind of music came to prominence through the protest songs of the 1970s political upheaval in Thailand, especially from the brilliant Caravan band. Carabao have blended the acoustic/folk style of peua chiiwit with other forms of Thai music and western rock music, earning such labels as "ethnic rockers" and "Kings of 3Cha" or the "Rolling Stones of Asia". Carabao's songs often tackle social and political issues, demanding social justice and taking on the causes of the ordinary Thai people, but they have also created love songs and more philosophical songs that carry messages for people everywhere. Aed Carabao is loved by many but his sharp tongue and open criticism of politicians, big business and environmental destruction perhaps make it surprising that he has lasted so long. At least one or two songs on most albums up to the mid-'90s were banned by the government and coverage of the band rarely appeared on government TV and radio stations. Despite this, Carabao is the most popular Thai rock group of all time. Carabao released their first album, Khi Mao and first came into the national spotlight with their third album, Wanipok, the title song of which told the story of a blind street musician and became a major hit. Their most popular album, Made In Thailand, was released in 1984 and sold over three million copies. They have now released a total of 25 albums, with numerous live albums and compilations bringing the total to more than 50.

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