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Carlo Siliotto was born in Rome on 10th January, 1950. He started by studying guitar and violin and accomplished his studies on composition at the Conservatory of Frosinone, under the guidance of Maestro Daniele Paris. He was a founder member of the group "Canzoniere del Lazio" (1973-1979) with whom he adapted and revisited traditional popular songs and music originating from Southern Italy and the Mediterranean, creating a new sound out of tradition, mixing languages and instruments of rock, jazz and classical music with the codes of ethnic music, a field in which he is considered an expert. With his group he produced six LPs ("Quando nascesti tune", "Lassa stà la mè creatura", "Spirito bono", "Morra", "Miradas" "Canzoniere del Lazio in Berlin") and has been in tour in many countries, particularly in Africa where he had the opportunity to share experiences with remarkable African artists from Somalia, Tanzania, Moçambique, Zambia, Kenya. Afterwords he wrote a tale in music: "Ondina" (Polygram), and took part to the project "Carnascialia" with several artists belonging to the Mediterranean music cultural area. He kept making concerts with his new ensemble (Gramigna) in Greece, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Nigeria and Moçambique. In the early eighties he has been working as composer, orchestrator and producer and violinist with many Italian artists: among them Domenico Modugno, Antonello Venditti, Francesco De Gregori, Maria Carta, Enzo Gragnaniello, Enzo Avitabile, Marivana, Santo e Zappa and others. He wrote music for symphonic orchestra (Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano) and studied and managed ancient music with several ensembles. Throughout the years he has been writing music for theatre with directors like Otello Sarzi, Marco Parodi, Carlo Cecchi and others. His music has been used by some choreographers as Fiorenza D'Alessandro, Elena Mainoni, Adriana Borriello. In 1984 he decided to focus his activity in writing film scores. Since then Carlo Siliotto has worked together with film directors such as Carlo Carlei (Italy and USA), Maurizio Nichetti, Carlo Lizzani, Sandro Baldoni, Luciano Manuzzi, Beppe Cino, Nello Correale, Daniele Segre, Gianfranco Albano, Paolo Poeti, and others (Italy), Clive Donner (England and Germany), Robert Markowitz , Roger Young, and Joseph Sargent (USA), Carlos Saura Medrano (Spain), composing music for over seventy films. He has been artistic director of CINEMUSICA, a festival about music for movies, and he is involved in a group of film makers engaged in saving and restoring movies of the "Italian Neorealism" age. His latest score for the 2006 historic epic "Nomad" was nominated for a Golden Globe.

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