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Creative mind Carlos Rios, was born in Chile in 1971 and grew up in Amsterdam. In the eighties he was a graffiti-artist, listening to hip hop and early house music. It was not until the late nineties, however, that he was infected by the techno-virus. Soon he decided to make his own music with hardware. Within two years Carlos made his debut on stage with a duo live-act under the name of ''0to9''. Carlos’ big breakthrough, however came in a different context after he decided to join forces with Vincent de Wit, currently also affiliated with Treshold. Their succes also resulted from the energetic combination of 2 different industrial styles techno. Carlos’ first release was on Audio Assault in 2002 and many other releases followed on the same label as well as on Arms, Highball, Patterns and Hard Signal, sharing the vinyl with established techno producers such as Glenn Wilson, Patrick Skoog, Gunjack and Preach. Around 2004 he was broadening his style and started to diversify his productions, also allowing for more funky, deep and electro related experiments. It was time for his solo debut in 2005 and he developed a taste for it. He was becoming a serious presence in the scene of dark industrial techno, playing solo at big techno events such as Awakenings, Defqon 1, In Qontrol (NL), Innercity (NL), Pro-Jekt (BE) and Apokalypsa (CZ), to name a few. Besides his continuing solo activities he has started a new cooperation with Oliver Kucera. The stunning debut at Awakenings was an accurate prediction of their current succes. Throughout the years Carlos has proven himself to be a talented, diverse and inspiring producer. note: (copy from official web site Carlos rios)

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