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Carmireli biography

The radiant Carmireli was born the youngest girl of eleven in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and celebrated her eighteenth birthday on July 21. Though originally from the island, most of her upbringing was in Queens, New York, where she became no stranger to the words " struggle" and "overcome." The family fell upon hard times and resided for eight years in a windowless, basement apartment before moving to upstate NY at the beck and call of one of her older brothers that had found a bit more fortune in this land of liberty. This anglicized has that "Bring it on" attitude. At the age of thirteen following her mother's dream, Carmireli began her theater, dance, and voice studies. Ironically, just a few words spoken by a voice teacher would become the beginning of her chrysalis. He said "You're just one of a thousand, get your head out of the clouds." This, says her father, was the moment "She was born." It is the true nature of Carmireli's spirit to spin the negative into positive, to work harder, and to prove this unlikely catalyst of her future wrong. Carmireli is the "I can" girl.

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