Carnal top 20 songs


Carnal biography

There are several bands using this name: 1. A brutal death metal band from Colombia. 2. A doom/death metal band from Poland. CARNAL was formed in 1999. From the very beginning its style can be simply described as metal. The first ‘coming out of darkness’ took place in 2001 with the recording ‘A Time Has Come’. It was warmly welcomed by fans as well as critiques. The next step was the single ‘Damnation’ and an unofficial record ‘Curse This Day’. The album was chosen by Metal Hammer magazine (PL) a Demo(n) of the month in August 2007. The title song was also released on Doom.Metal.Pl Compilation (Foreshadow Prod.). In December of 2006 ‘Curse This Day’ was reedited by Distributor Of Pain (especially for the Balkans region: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia). Carnal often performs live . They have played with: Paradise Lost, Life Of Agony, Napalm Death, Behemoth, Diary of Dreams, Benediction, Nyia, Artrosis, Neolithic. Carnal also performed shows at Metalmania 2007, HunterFest 2005 & 2006, Rock Festival Wegorzewo 2004, Demolka 94, Festiwal 2, live concert at RDC, HELLRIDE TOUR 3 in company of Orbita Wiru and So I Scream. 3. An industrial metal band from Finland. 4. A brutal death metal band from New Zealand.

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