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Carnivore Diprosopus is slamming brutal death metal band from Bogotá, Colombia. They started out in 2002 with Oscar Macias (vocals) and Diego Hoyos (drums). Later found guitarist Juan Pablo Ramirez who wanted to make big changes in the band with Santiago on bass. They are strongly influenced by bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Broken Hope, Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Dying Fetus, Dehumanized, Skinless, Vomit Remnants, Pantera, Brujeria, and the like. When the line-up was complete the band started to write songs and decided to record a 3-track demo CD entitled "Sick Nurse". After that they played in Bogotá's Grind Death Fest II to be part of the CD compilation of the festival. They took also part in several other festivals such as Neiva Brutal Fest or [i[Cathedral Fest. They then have been signed to the colombian label Gore and Blood Productions to release their debut album "Filled My Stomach with a Pregnant's Corpse". In September 2004 Diego Hoyos left the band and has been replaced by Sander Bermudez. Carnivore Diprosopus are now signed under a the record label Dan's Crypt which released their second album "Madhouse's Macabre Acts" in 2006.

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