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ENGLISH: Born in Bogota' - Colombia, Carolina emerges in the Dance Music in 1998 with her first hit "Sexo sexo", written and interpreted by her. The hit beated every selling chart and in a short time Carolina became one of the most contrasting figures of Italian Dance. In the last year of successes Carolina produced, wrote and interpreted an all dance album "Mas Musica": fifteen original tracks and eight singles, first place in Italian and european charts. In 2004 after a two years break, Carolina came back with a single that became internationally known in few days: "The killer's song vol.1", from the sample "twisted nerve" of the composer G. Hermann and Quentin Tarantino's soundtrack "Kill Bill Vol.1", launched in all the world with a shocking success for the joy of the discographic and the producers: Max Moroldo from Do It Yourself Entertainment, Pier Di Stolfo, The psychokillers and Nasty*Beat (Alvy Marquez Alex Piccini), Carlo Frigerio and the same Carolina from Super Dj Productions, Roberto Arduini and Max Marani from AR Studios of Verona and Roberto Turatti from Definitiva of Milano. Do It Yourself also published "The killer's song Vol.II RMX", five remixes by important names. "The Killer's song" has been mixed from some of the best european producers of the moment: DISCOBOYS, directly from Germany; they signed a great style track. On the dance floors people go mad on the notes of an hypnotic whistle. First place on international radio and tv charts."The Killer's song vol.II" beacame the hymn of made in Italy on Ibiza's Samurai One Night. It's been published on December by EMI Music in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador and by Ultra in the USA, ans it is still filling up Dance floors, events and beaches all over the world. "Pleasure ground" is the new Carolina's single out in Europe last November. It's a perfect follow up of "The Killer's song Vol.I" which lengthened the period of promotions for this eclectic artist who astonishes for her inspiration everytime. Now she's working for her new discographic production and she's on tour all over the world with his producer dj Alvy Marquez (brother also), merging their discographic plans: CAROLINA MARQUEZ NASTY*BEAT SHOW. The show consist of a live concert of the artist and a '90 Electro music dj set accompanied by short partecipations of Carolina on electroclash style using particular mixers and electronic filters video. Orgullosamente Colombiana y radicada en Italia, Carolina Marquez es de las más reconocidas artistas, de la escena Dance en Europa, trabaja en equipo con su hermano quien mezcla y produce su música. Hizo el sound track del kill bill "the killers song", entre otras producciones.

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