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Catfish biography

There are at least five bands named Catfish: 1. Catfish, a project put together by Australian songwriter Don Walker after the demise of Cold Chisel. Don Walker was born in Ayr, North Queensland, in 1951. As a member of and main songwriter for Cold Chisel between 1973 and 1983 he wrote “Saturday Night”, “Cheap Wine”, “Standing on the Outside”, “Choirgirl”, “Khe Sanh” along with many others, and co-wrote “Flame Trees”. In 1989, after a break from music and time spent travelling, he released Unlimited Address, a set of songs under the band name Catfish, recorded with producer/guitar player Peter Walker and harmonica player David Blight. As a touring band Catfish also included guitar player Charlie Owen. In 1991 the second Catfish album, Ruby, was released, recorded with James Brown’s rhythm section of drummer Tony Cook and guitar player Ron Laster. The songs were more Australian in content. Slim Dusty had a hit with his version of “Charleville”, which he then invited Don to re-record as a duet. 2. A blues-rock band from the 70's. With the following lineup (on the album "Catfish - Live"): Bob Hodge - Vocals Dallas Hodge - Guitar Dennis Cranner - Bass Jim Demers - Drums Harry Phillips - Keyboards 3. A Belgian blues-country'n'roll-band, in existence since the 90's. Lineup: Frey Sturtewagen (vocals, rythm guitar), Willy Devleeschouwer (lead guitar) & Karel Algoed (double bass). Their first album "Good Morning Sunshine" (1997) is recorded live at the infamous blues club "Banana Peel" in Ruiselede. Guest performers include: Roland Van Campenhout, Norbert Detaeye & Kommil Foo. 4. A French Rock/Folk/Blues duo from Le Frasnois: Damien Félix - Guitar, harmonica, drums Amandine Guinchard - Bass, drums, lead singer 5. A blues band from the fisherman's town of Volendam, The Netherlands. Local blues legends, sometimes referred to as Catfish Blues Band.

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