Cats top 20 songs


Cats biography

Cats is the name of more than 1 thing: 1) A Korean Girl Group 2) A Dutch Group The Cats (see that) 3) An 8bit musician 4) An incorrect tag for the popular musical see Andrew Lloyd Webber. 1. A Korean girl group. 2. The Cats is a band from the Netherlands (the town of Volendam). The group is 38 times listed in the Dutch charts between 1966 and 1987. Their music started as a Merseybeat kind of sound and was many years later characterized by big orchestral arrangements and beautiful vocal harmonies. They had the most influence on a typical music-style from Volendam in Holland, called 'Palingsound'. 3. Cats is an 8bit musician featured on the odd VA as well as 8bitcollective. 4. Cats is also the name of a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This is an incorrect tag for the songs from this musical. Please correct your tags to Andrew Lloyd Webber or the individual performers.

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