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Cats on fire was formed late 2001 in Vaasa, Finland. The band currently consists of Mattias Björkas (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ville Hopponen (electric guitar, backing vocals), Kenneth Höglund (bass guitar), Iiris Viljanen (keyboards, backing vocal) and Yrjö Ylijoki (drums). The band are currently dotted around the Nordic countries in Turku, Gothenburg and Malmö. Previous members include Henry Ojala and Jessika Rapo who left to focus on Burning Hearts. In 2003, CoF released a vinyl single, Solid Work and 2004, saw the release of another one, Happiness is Chemistry. The first proper CD release came all too late, in summer 2006. This was the EP Draw in the Reins, released on the Swedish label Fraction Discs. Then, in February/March, the German label Marsh Marigold released the debut album The Province Complains. Cats On Fire's second album, Our Temperance Movement was released in 2009 and Dealing In Antiques, an album consisting of previously unreleased tracks and songs from early EPs, was released in 2010. The band's third studio album All Blackshirts to Me was released on the 28th of March 2012 in Scandinavia, Finland and the US. More on info can be found at

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