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Caviar biography

Caviar is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed by former Fig Dish members Blake Smith (vocalist) and Mike Willison (bass). Having hired new members Dave Suh (guitars, also of the band Woolworthy) and Jason Batchko (drums), Caviar went to work on their self-titled LP through Island Records. The album failed to fuel large sales and Caviar did not record another album with Island. Now working alone, Caviar recorded and produced their next album The Thin Mercury Sound. The band was quickly picked up by Aezra/EMI, who released the album in 2004. Heavily influenced by artists from Echo and the Bunnymen to Lou Reed (of which a sample can be heard throughout the entirety of the song, Clean Getaway) to The Flaming Lips, Caviar unique sound covers multiple genres from pristine indie pop to decades old electronica. Caviar members Blake Smith and Mike Willison, along with Local H frontman Scott Lucas, and Mick "Death" French, later formed the lineup for The Prairie Cartel.

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