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In 1476 William Caxton established the first printing press in England at Westminster where he printed Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Gower’s Confession Amantis, Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur and more than 100 other books. More than half a millennium later, as the age of the written word comes to an end and cyberspace envelopes the world, a new hip hop group – Caxton Press – has emerged to shine light into the darkness. After a year in the engine room writing, tightening and perfecting their debut album Shame the Devil, Caxton Press have chosen to ignore the status quo and the current themes in rap music and to bring it back to the pavement in its purest form. Three rappers – Manage, Kingpin and eMCee Killa – Singer/rapper Amy True, producer Profound and DJ Snuff, have merged their talents to give you Caxton Press.

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