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CAZZI OPEIA : Is a girl from the south of Sweden, which is more than ready to show the world who she is through both her music and her style. "I love to surprise people and do things that others do not dare, I have always been an outsider, i never give up, and i am freaking proud of this album me and my wonderful producers created, she say, its cool, freaky and a bit sexy. Be ready. *MACHO PSYCHO: Is a producer-team of Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson and they are some of Sweden's most successful songwriters and producers. They have sold millions of records worldwide. They have collaborated with artists like P!NK, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys, Vanessa Amorosi, Jessica Simpson, Esmee Denters, Keith Urban & Ilse DeLange. Macho Psycho saw Cazzi Opeia during test events for Idol 2009 and as the boys themselves said they sat literally coffee in the windpipe. - She completely lifted up our living room with her charisma, attitude and voice. A natural star for us, they say they contacted her after Idol, and after a few 'if and but ° C, so she moved into their studio in Gothenburg, where they jointly completed Cazzi Opeia's debut album.

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