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There are, against all odds, two artists called "C.C. Catch." 1. Caroline Catharina Müller (born July 31, 1964), known as C.C.Catch, is a German pop singer and composer. Caroline was born in Oss (the Netherlands). She moved with her family to Germany in the late 1970s. In 1980 she was a member of the girl quartet "Optimal". After that (starting in 1985) she cooperated with Dieter Bohlen under the name C.C.Catch. Dieter Bohlen was the driving force behind her records, writing and producing all the songs. This was the main reason for the ending of their collaboration in 1989. Caroline wanted to participate in the creative process by contributing her own material, but Dieter did not agree. Her biggest hits are "I Can Lose My Heart Tonight", " Cause you are young", "Heartbreak Hotel" all released in 1985 proved to be major hits in mainland Europe. Müller went on to have Gold and Platinum selling albums and gain a sizable fanbase. The Caroline Müller and Dieter Bohlen partnership became to wane by the late 1980s. Müller wanted to participate in the creative process by contributing her own material, but Bohlen did not agree. This led to the split between singer and producer in 1989. The same year she recorded in England an album Hear What I Say, partially produced by Andy Taylor of Duran Duran.Produced in London by Andy Taylor, Dave Clayton and Joe Dworniak, it was markedly different in style from her previous releases and contained seven songs co-written by the artist herself. The album was only a moderate success, possibly because the public had a hard time accepting her drastic change of style. C.C. Catch's former label Hansa might have also contributed to that situation, by simultaneously issuing a compilation of her Bohlen-produced hits. Subsequently C.C. Catch retired from the music business, became interested in meditation and married a yoga teacher in London. She made her return in 1999 with regular successful concerts and touring. She finally released her new single, "Silence", written by Müller herself, in 2004. "Silence" became a moderate hit. It just missed the Top 40 of the German Pop chart, peaking at #47. She has continued her career, but with moderate success. 2. A demoscene musician also known as Kenny Chow. He became interested in computer music when he first heard a SID composition on his Commodore 64, but didn’t start composing music himself until he purchased an Adlib composer. He went from there on to ScreamTracker 2 where his career as a demoscene musician officially started. He later started the demoscene group Renaissance along with Mosaic, Daredevil, and Tran.

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