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Celine biography

There is more than one artist using the name Celine. 1) Okséa Lijkas, (born in France) is a singer who has released one album on M-Tronic titled Elapsed Time. 2) Celine Frewer. Singer working with Mark Norman. Known for 'Colour My Eyes' (Mark Norman pres. Celine) and 'Be With U' (Mark Norman feat. Celine). 3) Celine Solemsløkk Helgemo (born 1995.08.31) is a singer and songwriter from Gjølme, Norway. She won MGP Nordic in June 2007 with her song Bæstevænna by the age of 12. She wrote the song to her best friend Astrid. Her debut album came in November 2007 and sold gold within a week. Celine is now one of the most popular child stars and best-selling artists in Norway. After winning MGP Nordic she made five summer tours in a row. She also released an album of original songs just before the MGP Nordic final. One of the songs is a duet with her best friend Astrid. The album got a platinum certification in a month after its release.

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