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Centerfold biography

There are at least two artists by the name of Centerfold. 1) Centerfold was a Dutch female pop trio, most famous for their 1986 hits 'Dictator' and 'Radar Love' (cover of Dutch rock band Golden Earring). After the original group split, the founders of Centerfold reformed the group twice. The original line-up consisted of Cecilia de la Rie, Rowan Moore, and Laura Fygi (who went off to have a rather successful solo career). They recorded one album, Man's Ruin, which failed to make an impact, despite charting with four singles in The Dutch Top 40. The second album was cancelled after the sudden death of then-member Sandra Noach, effectively ending the first incarnation of Centerfold. Between 1998 and 2001 there was a second version of Centerfold, with a completely different line-up. The single Summerdays Of '51 was a minor chart hit, although they never achieved the brief success of the original line-up. The third installment of Centerfold proved to be slightly more successful, reaching the top 10 of the Singles Top 100 with the song Take Me. This line-up featured Melissa Theba, Samantha Klumper, and Rachel Wijsman. In early 2011 Klumper left the band to join Djumbo, a female trio which specializes in children's songs. 2) Centerfold was a Minneapolis soul/funk duo along the lines of Prince or Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis who released one self-titled album in 1988. They consisted of Keni Towns and Phil Jones.

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