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1. Central Park is a german progressive rock band formed 1983 in munich by Artur Silber - Drums, Jochen Scheffter - Keyboard ,Heiko Möckel - Voice, Hans Ochs - Guitars and York von Wittern - Bass. In 1989, Heiko Möckel left the band for personal reasons and the band split up. In 2005, the band reunited and released their first CD "unexpected". In 2009, Heiko left the band again and was replaced by Stefan Schneider. Stefan was replaced in July 2010 by Jannine Pusch. The new CD "reflected" is to be released in January 2011. 2. "Central Park Band" is a german Simon and Garfunkel cover band created early 1984 after the legendary reunion-concert by Simon and Garfunkel in New York's Central Park.

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