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Centurias biography

Centúrias is a classic band from São Paulo, Brazil and one of the very first of the Brazilian Metal. They started in the classic compilation SP METAL released by label Baratos Afins in 1984 along with Avenger, Vírus and Salário Mínimo (the latter plays with them in gigs to date). In 1986 they released the EP Última Noite. Two years later the band released the full length Ninja, with a completely different line up than the EP Última Noite. The album now is a classic amongst Brazilian headbangers, and it values lots of money due to the rarity of the vinyl although it the two recordings were released in CD recently with bonus track. Although the success the band in 1988, they stopped for 24 years, and in 2013 they independently released the single "Rompendo o Silêncio". The single has only two songs. To acquire it, please visit their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/centuriasheavymetal

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