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Cesk Freixas (Francesc Freixas i Morros, Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, 1984) is a young singer-songwriter that, with other artists from the country, returned the singer-songwriter label to the real way, like it used to be long time ago. They are the new generation of catalan singer-songwriter proclaiming injustices with guitars since 2004. The band is composed by Cesk, composer, vocals and guitar; Victor Nin, electric guitar; Dani Malagarriga, bass; Monty, drums; Bel Zaballa, piano and keyboard; Marta Solé, second vocals, and Magí Batalla, musical direction, guitars, programings and percussion. Freixas has edited one demo, two full lenght-CDs (Set Voltes Rebel and El Camí Cap A Nosaltres) and one with covers of singer-songwriters he admires (Les Veus Dels Pobles Lliures). http://www.ceskfreixas.cat

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