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There are at least five artists sharing this name: 1) Solo musician from Los Angeles 2) RNB artist, whose real name is Desmond Chance 3) French symphonic progressive rock group 4) an influential São Paolo Não Wave band 5) underground hip-hop artist from Massachusetts. 1) Chance is a solo musician and independent artist from Los Angeles, California, but was born and raised in Florida. Gifted with multiple talents, Chance does many things by himself. In his Portable days he worked together with professionals such as Brad Wood and Tim Palmer, experiences that now enable him to properly record, mix and master his own music. Chance is joined on stage by "+ The Choir" which is made up of Adam Flanders (drums), Bob Vaughan (bass), and Mike Zepol (guitars). Chance's discography includes three EPs -- featuring five original tracks each -- and a full length album Famous Words & Alibis which was released in November 2008. 2) Chance can also be the rnb artist, whose real name is Desmond Chance. His first album Chance of a Lifetime came out june 2007. 3) French Group formed by keyboardist Laurent Simmonet with contributions from Roine Stolt (Flower Kings) and Jean-Luc Payssan (Minimum Vital). Aimed primarily for instrumental music produced by keyboard and guitar collaboration, which result in bright melodic songs. 4) Chance was also an influential São Paolo Não Wave band, mainly known abroad for their appearance on both The Sexual Life of the Savages and Não Wave compilation. Their chilly, slow sounds were highly influential on the scene and though they only recorded a handful of songs their live appearances are still quite mythic. 5) Underground emcee and co founder of T. or N. Records from lowell ma. Also known as Da' Lyrical Assassin Chance started rappin at the age of 11. Main influence: The WORLD

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