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'Chance Jumpers' started in August 2004 as three friends carried away by electronic dance music, in the very beginning their main goal was bringing and promoting modern electronic sound directions in their native city of Saint Petersburg in Russia and later producing their own tracks which Chance Jumpers describe as 'progressive trance'; but during the first year of team-work they found themselves in deep/progressive house with some elements of tech house. Newer tunes by CJ were supported by numerous DJs in Russia and all over the world, nowadays the guys continue working with Russia's most upfront progressive producers such as Ilya Malyev (Baltic Sound), 4Mal, SoleSystem and Neoblizz. Except being a production trio, Chance Jumpers appear in the DJ booth in Saint Peterburg's nightclubs and arrange their own parties. Today they have two radioshows on the stations AfterHours.FM and ETN.FM Chance Jumpers is a label artists on Progrezo Records.

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