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There are several artists called CHANGES: 1) American folk band formed in 1969 by cousins Robert N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk. Their music incorporates virtuoso, folkish acoustic guitar riffs and english ballad-like vocals. Changes saw three distinct periods with rotating band members before their contemporary incarnation. Becouse of their lyrics dealing with tradition and metaphysics and the member's patiriotic ideas they are heavily associated with the neofolk genre. 2) Swedish progressive rock band formed in 1987 in Gothenburg and disbanded in 1993. Bassplayer/songwriter Jonas Slattung and keyboardplayer Erik Nolander went on to swedish pop-dreamweavers Anywhen. 3) Moscow band "Changes" has been founded in February 2002, by participants of "095" and "Distemper". After a couple of months guys have written a material for the first album, and in March 2003 at house studio of the Tyomi "sk8-tha" has been recorded a mini-album "1 (Alone)" which subsequently has been published by OSK records in May, 2003. For that moment the album has caused very strong resonance in circles of admirers of hardcore music, the group is often included into favourite bands list of many Russian hardcore fans. Music beats on the spot, but also is melodic and sensual, texts are rigid, truthful and sincere, these factors have affected people which have grown fond of this band not only in Russia, but also behind its limits. Guys start to conduct active concert activity, and play in different cities of the European part of the country, acting on one stage with such bands as "BORA", "When My Authorities Fall", "Till i die", "Turbolax", "BreakWar", "Not for me", "481", "Nogi Winnie-Pooha" and many other things. For years the structure of band repeatedly varied, and that caused problems with creation of new songs and records, by 2005 guys were ready to record a new album, and even have made a demo, but disagreements inside of collective didn't let it be recorded. Period of hiatus begins on winter 2005, the group is left almost all by its participants, including one of founders of Roma "Nos" which leaves in "Fallen Angels Crew". In summer 2006, old friends have decided to revive the band again. The band line-up has changed a little, but by the autumn guys have started rehearsals and the composition of new songs. In March group starts a record of a new, long-awaited album. And in the beginning of September "Changes" again come back to a stage playing a concert with magnificent and already legendary punk/hardcore group "Ignite". The band continues to conduct active concert activity, and by October 2007 releases album named "Recollect what you thought of, Recollect what you dreamed of" on OSK Records. 4)New band from members of charge,overstand & other local nj bands 5) A Christian band from the 80's.

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