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Chic Miniature is a duo composed of Ernesto Ferreyra and Guillaume Coutu Dumont. The idea to make a project together was first discussed over glasses of Michelada in Mexico City. After a second encounter in Chile, and Ernesto’s subsequent move to Montreal, the partnership became a reality. The first output of Chic Miniature, Conexion Califa, was released on Frankfurt’s Raum Musik imprint and was followed by Poco-a-Gogo on Montréal’s Musique Risquée. Chic Miniature’s music is a spicy fusion of Latin influences, funk, hypnotic grooves, and melancholic melodies that is best savoured at sunrise. Ever an energetic actor in the electronic music scene, Guillaume Coutu Dumont maintains numerous collaborative projects, performing regularly around the world. So far, his solo outputs are available on Mutek_rec, Musique Risquée, Hartchef Discos, Floppy Funk, Oslo, Raum Musik and on French labels Circus company and Karat. Guillaume’s initial musical forays were as a percussionist in a funk band, after which he studied latin and classical percussions in college before discovering electroacoustic composition, which he pursued further at university. Over the years, Guillaume founded Egg, Luci, Flabbergast as well as the artistic collective Racam. Born and raised in Argentina’s second largest city, Cordoba, Ernesto Ferreyra started djing at the age of 15. His young booth career became a full time professional one when he decided to move to Mexico in 2000. Guided by a nomadic spirit in 2004, he moved to Montreal and followed the dj path to the studio. His Latin origin soon rooted and merged, with the innovative influence of his fellow Canadian artists, into a resolutely modern sound with a musical aesthetic that is at once somewhat spooky and downright playful. Easy to dance to, difficult to decode… His debut Ep Memoria Colectiva on Mutek_rec label was followed by the second charge Exodo on Cynosure, Epaminondas on Thema and more to come soon. Nowadays Ernesto spreads his time playing both as dj and live act.

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