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Chingiz Mustafayev biography

Chingiz was born and spent his early years in Moscow, but with the turmoil that prevailed after the breakup of the Soviet Union he moved to his mother’s home town of Qazax near Gangha in western Azerbaijan. His father was an enthusiastic amateur musician, taking to the piano and singing whenever a gathering of friends occurred. Although Chingiz probably inherited his father’s musicality this did not show until a teenage love affair with Spanish flamenco music sparked a burning desire to play the guitar. Rural life in Qazax provided the ideal setting of Chingiz to study the instrument, long summer days, few distractions and an intuitive musical ability lead to the development of a unique and rhythmic style of playing. Being a natural performer Chingiz loves to play and sing, revelling in the tension and excitement that live audiences create. Chingiz’s ambition is to study more fully the art of flamenco guitar and also to compose music that is a synthesis of the rich rhythmic textures of his native Azerbaijan and flamenco and Arabic styles.

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