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Chris De Burgh


Artist: Chris De Burgh
Genre: Pop
3.7 stars - based on 50 reviews
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Sit together on the sofa
With the music way down low
Waiting so long for this moment
It's hard to think it's really so
The door is locked, there's no one home
They've all gone out we're all alone
Suzana suzana
Suzana i'm crazy in loving you
I put my arms around her shoulders
Run my fingers through her hair
It's a dream, i can't beleive it
It took so long it's only fair
And then the phone begins to ring
And the strangest voice.. On the other end of the line
Says "oh, wrong number.. Sorry to waste your time"
And i think to my self.. Why now?
Why me?
Suzana suzana
[ From: ]
Suzana i'm crazy in loving you
Then i sit myself beside her
trying to take her hands in mine
The moment is gone
The feeling's over
She looks around to find the time
Then she says "could we just sit & chat"
And i think "well, that's that"
Suzana suzana
Suzana i'm crazy in loving you
Still we sit there on the sofa
With the radio on 10
The magic's gone
It's a disaster
There seems no point to start again
Then she says "i think i'd better go"
She says "goodbye" & i say no
Suzana suzana
Suzana i'm crazy in loving you
I'm so crazy in loving you...

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