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There are multiple artists using the name Christine 1) CHRISTINE-Nashville TN based hard rock/metal band from 2002-2008. Albums released are Possessed and Badasser which the latter was released on Supernova Records in 2007 and also a comp with Zoroaster and Music Hates You that was put out in 2006 on Terminal Doom Records. 2) A Eurobeat artist. 3) A Norwegian DJ, known from radio channel NRK P3. 4) Christine (written as 'CHRISTINE') are an electronic band from France. Nicolas and Stéphane Lerille Delplanque condense the power of modern music , from funk to hip- hop, raw rock to electro, while keeping a sharp eye on the films adorning their live shows. 5) Mid 1980s band from Horsham in the united kingdom optimistically described as a cross between Bauhaus and Joy Division. Website

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