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Clockwork biography

There are several artists named Clockwork. 1. Henry Steinway- House/Electro DJ/Producer out of Los Angeles, CA. ( 2) Clockwork is an alias of Ralf Uhrlandt. 3) Clockwork is a danish Melodic Metalcore band...( 4) Clockwork is a Reading, United Kingdom based Melodic Death Metal Band. They have recently released their first EP, The Veil. ( 5) A now defunct progressive metal band from Philadelphia. They played a combination of symphonic prog and complex technical metal. For reference, think a mixture of Yes and Dream Theater. Their material featured lush keyboards that provided the backdrop for dual lead guitars, layered vocals and a tight rhythm section. Unfortunately, they disbanded after the release of their only full-length album entitled "Surface Tension" in 1999. Their only other release was an self-released EP entitled "Search", released in 1997. 6) A Melodic Punk band from Michigan ( 7) A Hardcore/Rock band from Long Island formed in 2001. ( ) 8) A Dutch progressive rock band. The band is founded April 2007 by Bas Welling (guitar), Remy Smeets (keyboard) and Ivo Cleven (drums). Ivo and Remy met at school. They started jamming and got connected to Bas. During a jam with the three of them there was some sort of magic and they decided to form a band. Just four rehearsals old they played seven Dream Theater songs during their first show (at their former school). The band has finished recording their first demo track. It’s an instrumental song named The Discovery. In 2008-2009 they finally got a whole band together. Rob Bolk (vocals) and Sjon Bremmer joined their little club. In 2009 writing and recording started for the first Album called "Dawn" which was released in November 2010. 9) A hiphop producer from Philly. Passed away in 2008 after having done very promising work with artists such as Outerspace. ( ) 10) Psychedelic rock band. Self titled album released in 1973.Also known as Jimmy and The SoulBlazers,Change,The Joneses. Mike Bugara - gtr, vcls Mike Duruttya - horns, vcls Jim Korleski - vcls, keybd. Bill McCrea - vcls, perc. Jim Miller - hrmnca John Sineri - drms Dave Sorge - gtr Gary Zeigler - bs 11) Swiss post-thrash/groove metal band featuring Tommy Vetterli (Coroner). Released one self titled demo in 1995 and split up the following year. The first and only line-up: Tommy Vetterli: Guitar (Coroner, Kreator, Voodoo Cult), Lui Cubello: Vocals (Coroner roadie), Peter J. Waelty: Bass, Peter Haas: Drums (ex-Krokus, Calhoun Conquer, Mekong Delta, Coroner) 12) Hip Hop group from Iowa City, IA. Featuring Asparagus and Limp D on vocals, with Theo the Clock producing. 13) Folk Outfit from North-east England 14)A mathrock/post-hardcore band from the late 1990's that existed in Edmonton, AB 15 A band from Trondheim, Norway 16 Francesco Leali from Italy earned critical acclaim with 2013's full length album B.O.A.T.S. ( 17 An indie rock band from Saint Louis that has been active since 2011. (

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