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1) A groove metal band from Varaždin, Croatia, formed in 2003. It has been present on the music scene since 2005. "Mea Culpa", their promo album was released in 2005. 1st Album "Empty Promises" was released in 2008 under Dancing Bear records. 2nd album, Perfection, was released in 2010. The acknowledgment for their efforts came in 2008, in form of the “Zlatna Koogla Award“ for the best new Croatian act, which enabled their second show at the Metal Camp in Slovenia and shows with the stars of Metal Music such as DISTURBED, SOULFLY and LIMP BIZKIT. Cold Snap official 2) A Straight Edge Hardcore band from Canterbury, UK. 3) A hardcore band from Connecticut with records out on Hot Air Press, Redscroll Records, and Get Young Records.

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