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Cornelio Reyna Cisneros (born in Notillas, Coahuila, México on 15 September 1940 - 22 January 1997) was a Mexican Norteño singer and "Bajo sexto"-player, a popular bass guitar that superficially resembles a 12-string guitar. Cornelio Reyna formed a partnership with the legendary Ramón Ayala to create the famous duet called Los Relampagos del Norte in 1963. The band stayed together for eight years and then in 1971, Reyna decided to pursue a solo career as a mariachi singer. His mariachi career was not as successful as music experts expected. He was unable to compete and gain a spot alongside charismatic mariachi giants Vicente Fernández and Antonio Aguilar. Reyna played for 26 more years before dying in 1997 of a stomach ulcer. Reyna played the bajo sexto and was the lead singer. Famous songs include "El Tenampa," "Mi Tesoro," "Me Cai De La Nube", and "Te Vas Angel Mio". Although Cornelio Reyna died at a young age he was able to produce many hits that will last forever. All this success, would begin with Los Relampagos del Norte in 1963 with the hit song "Ya no Llores", the song became such a hit that Ramon Ayala included it in his latest cd also titled Ya no Llores. He was married to Mercedes Castro, also a singer of mariachi music. She is currently singing alongside Amparo Higuera, the last remaining singer of Dueto Las Jilguerillas. Imelda Higuera died in 2004. Their latest release is Dos Botellas de Mezcal.

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