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CORPORAL PUNISHMENT went through the familiar schedule of gigging and demoing before scoring a deal with local label Spinefarm Records for the 1992 'Profaned Relics' album. The band, comprising former BRAINWASH vocalist / bassist Ali, ex-AIRDASH and GLOOMY GRIM drummer Ykä (a.k.a. Agathon Frosteus) and the OPPRESSION and DIRTY DAMAGE credited guitarist Lare Nieminen, issued two demos and a self financed 7" single before their deal. Nieminen sessioned bass guitar on SACRAMENT's 1992 demo 'Judgement Day'. Second guitarist Markku Niiranen has ties to STONE and AIRDASH. CORPORAL PUNISHMENT's sophomore effort, 1994's 'Into The Nerve Of Pain', was produced by STRATOVARIUS mainman Timo Tolkki. The band supported WALTARI, PARADISE LOST and AMORPHIS before signing a new contract with Germany's Black Mark Records. Ykä also holds credits with THY SERPENT, WALHALLA, SOULGRIND, NOMICON and BARATHRUM.

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