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Corporate Avenger is a band from Southern California, USA. Hear Corporate Avenger's style change from song to song, ranging from techno to rap to metal. The message has always remained the same: peace, knowledge, and spirituality. The idea for the band is to remind the listener of their heritage and that life is a sacred gift. Vocalists Corporate and Adawee have stated in the past that they do not attempt to speak for all Native American people and only speak for themselves, but the band uses their music to reveal the truth about America's bloody past. Songs like "20 Dollar Bill" and "Christians Murdered Indians" provide historical facts about what was done to the Native Americans at the hands of both early white settlers and Spanish Christian invaders. The group also sings about political awareness in songs like "Fault the Police (I Don't)" and "Taxes are Stealing". Another major facet of the bands message is the evil of the major organized religions. In the song "The Bible is Bullshit" the band sings about how the Bible and the Koran are responsible for a large portion of the worlds pain, suffering, and bloodshed. Corporate and Adawee the Wind, both wear black and white face paint. Corporate, donning a white face with a black cross, paints his face to "symbolize the suffering that his ancestors had received at the hands of Christianity." Adawee wears various kinds of paint, all ment to "remind him of his ancestors (the Cherokee Indians) who would paint their face when they went to war, and says that they are also fighting a war; a war of ideas." In 1999 there first sounds of the band was put out with the "Taxes are Stealing" EP on Suburban Noize records. This EP featured the first song ever recorded by the group, "Evolve", a song questioning the origins of the navtive peoples of the Americas. In 2000 the group released another CD titled "The New Testament". This album featured new songs as well as three songs from the previous EP. It also featured a new line up including the first appearance of vocalist Adawee the Wind. The sound on "The New Testament", while still electronic in nature, is much more aggressive and not only pushes the bands views further but also pushes the envelope with profane songs such as "The Bible is Bullshit", "Jesus Christ Homosexual", and "Enemy of the Gospel". The CD was seen as a way to bridge the gap between the previous EP and the full length album they were working on at the time. In July of 2001, the band finally released it's first full length album, "Freedom is a State of Mind", released on Suburban Noize Records via Kock Entertainment. The new album had songs from both previous releases, including a few remixes of some of the oldest songs, and several new songs that again evolved the bands sound and message. Songs like "Christians Murdered Indians", "FBI File", and "Voting Doesn't Work" had a hard, aggressive rap sound with Adawee providing sung vocals (a stark change of pace from Corporate’s angry spoken word vocals). 2005 saw the release of "Born Again", Corporate Avenger's latest album. Corporate and Adawee were still the core of the band, but this time around the music had taken on a more metal sound with songs like "Jihad Schmihad" and "Gay Muslims for Christ". This album was not put out through Suburban Noize Records but rather through Massive Sound Records and sold via, a first for the group. Currently the band have plans to return to the studio to begin work on their next release. And now thay may be moveing on from Corprate Avenger and go by the name Sitting Bull more on that at Releases: - Taxes Are Stealing EP (1999, Suburban Noize Records) - The New Testament LP (2000, Suburban Noize Records) - Freedom Is A State Of Mind LP (2001, Suburban Noize/Koch Records) - Born Again LP (2005, Massive Sound Records)

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