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Corpus Christi, whose name has nothing to do with the Texas town and is a literal Latin translation for "The Body of Christ", is not to be confused with the black metal act Corpus Christii. Corpus Christi proudly plays Christian metal and hails from Cincinnati, OH. They are currently signed to the Victory Records artist roster and released their debut album, The Darker Shades of White, in 2009. In the summer of 2010 the band went back to the recording studio, re-tooled with 4 out of 5 new members. The result is A Feast For Crows, an album fusing their former metalcore sound with elements of hardcore. The album was released on July 6, 2010. With member changes throughout the last few years the band was joined by bassist Stephanie Roat in 2012 formerly of the bands Cosmic Affliction and Facing the Tides. They are actively touring playing festivals such as Lifefest, Praisecore Fest and Alliance Festival in the last two years. In December 2013, they released a new song titled The Glorious and are currently writing their new album

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