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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Corpus Delicti was a gothic rock band formed in 1992 in Nice, France. Members included Sebastien (vocals), Jerome (guitar), Chrys (bass) and Roma (drums). In five years they released four studio albums and two compilations on Cleopatra for the United States. They toured all over the world, from France to Germany, UK, USA, Spain, and Italy. Their albums, which were hard to find for several years, are now re-issued on the French label D-Monic Records. The band broke up in 1997. 2) Corpus Delicti was an American post-punk band (probably from the Hollywood area). Members included R.J.V. (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), John Orloff (guitar), Mike Payan (bass), Cesar Fernandez (drums) and Jeff Johnson (saxophone). They released a 12" titled "The Joy of Living" in 1984.

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