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Correatown biography

Correatown is an alias for angela correa. Correatown was a name someone called her once. Based in the Eastside of Los Angeles, the band is the musical project of Angela Correa with bandmates Mike Corwin, Jenni Tarma and Rob Poynter. In previous incarnations, Correatown was a more spare amalgam of early folk and lo-fi buzzing indie rock; however, over the past few years the sound has evolved into a lush and textured experience of melodic soundscapes. “When I began writing songs for our latest recordings I kept imagining the sounds and instruments that would shape the direction of our new songs. The most appealing were really freaked out thick and pulsing bass sounds or odd twitchy static noises tucked into shimmering and ethereal melodies. I wasn’t sure how it could end up being beautiful but the more the band explored different arrangements and instruments, the more I felt the possibility of having a less organic sound that felt more evocative of the music we wanted to create was our compass,” confesses Angela. Correatown sought out producer Dan Long and have spent the past year creating the sound of their upcoming recordings. Angela Correa/ Correatown have self-released three full-length albums and two EPs and had songs used on television, including Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters. In 2007, Angela's voice was featured as the singing voice of Jenna Fischer's character Darlene in the Sony Pictures film "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" on the songs "Let's Duet." Angela Correa/ Correatown have toured the West Coast extensively, as well as parts of the Midwest and East Coast, UK and Europe. The band is set to release their third full length, Pleiades, on September 20th through their own label Another Room Recordings.

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