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Corvos, the string quartet that amazed by their boldness, versatility and rigor, by having transform Rock Themes in to this ancestral formation, which is the String Quartet. After the Tour that suceded their first record "Corvos visitam Xutos" that turned this show Countrywide, their second conquest, "Post Scriptum" dedicated to some of the greatest myths of the international musical panorama, such as: Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Kurt Weill. Had, as a consequence, in all their concerts, the participation of a guest artist, the drum player Paulo Martins, member of the band "Ramp", which led this concept to an even higher level of originality. "Corvos visitam CCB" is the consequence of this path that ends in an excellent momentum of form and creativity. Part of this show exploits the previous two records; however the path is being drawn, with a new repertoir, and the use of state of the art technologies that interact with sound, lighting, and pyrotechnics. Allow yourself to be taken along this bridge between Classics and Rock, in to a performance that is not only musical and visual, but most of all emotional... A "Modern Classic" band Corvos, has been gathering the public attention in the Portuguese music scene, by the innovation found in they work, transposing and recreating themes belonging to the Rock universe for classic string instruments. This quartet formed by Pedro Teixeira da Silva and Tiago Flores in violins, Luis Santos in viola, Pedro Silva in Drums and Claudio Nunes in Cello, allies the excellent quality of their music skills to a remarkable capacity of reinventing music, developing a bold and innovative musical project. Unquestionably confirmed this group as one of the most interesting proposals of the contemporary Portuguese musical scene. In the end of 2007 “The Jinx” new record get 2 place in Portuguese Top 30 and the singles “The Jinx”, “Suspiro Nocturno” and “Go Billy Go” have great exposure in Radio Stations br> You can buy our new record in :

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