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After 2 years on YouTube, Corey 'Mr. Safety' Williams states that this is just the beginning. The Artist behind the 'Hey Little Sparta' track, (The Mean Kitty Song) So, who is Mr. Safety? Cory Williams, (born August 5, 1981 - Merced, California) is a viral film maker, TV show host, music artist, actor, professional stunt man, and new media consultant, better known as Mr. Safety from SMP Films. He is a well known YouTube partner (paid by YouTube) and host of "The FIZZ", a nationwide television show on DirecTV channel 101. Cory was raised in Hilmar, California where he graduated high school in 1999. He majored in drama and vocal in which he earned university scholarships. After graduating, he began studying television production and music writing. He purchase his first camera and immediately began making all different types of videos with his friends. Sketch comedy, hardcore backyard wrestling, and horror films were his usual productions. He named his project SMP Films (Simple Minded People) after the mind set that him and his friends had on life. Cory wasn't the most popular kid in school because he was into acting and singing. In Hilmar, acting and singing was considered taboo and many people prejudged him because of it. Despite the name calling and opinions others had of him, Williams kept following his dream of becoming a film maker. Visit Mr. Saftey's web Pages at:

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