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The name COS has been used more than once. The first was a Belgian band formed in the 70s. COS was lead by flautist/guitarist Daniel Schell and featured his wife, oboist/vocalist Pascale Son, who used nonsense syllables to suggest a semblance of language. They offer a mixture of progressive rock, jazz, avant-garde and Canterbury scene styles. Joined on their first album, Postaeolian Train Robbery, by drummer Robert Dartsch, bassist Alain Goutier and keyboardist Charles Loos, which was released on the small Plus label. In 1976, they released Viva Boma, which is generally considered by fans to be their masterpiece. Each of the following albums having it's own unique sound; Babel emphasizing Pascale's vocals and featuring funk/disco beats; Swiss Chalet sounding more new wave, while expressing an African feel; Pasiones mixing styles such as Adrian Belew-era King Crimson, Canterbury Scene, and operatic and Latin American musics. The band split in the mid-80's after their final release, 1984's the Hotel Atlantic EP. Cos (2) Cos Chapman - Electroacoustic composer and improviser, also working in soundtrack and installation. 3. COS...Tha Criminal Of Sac was born and raised in Sacramento Ca. his life soon took a turn 4 the worse, surrounded by the everyday struggles of life in the hood he became highly involved in the street life and wasnt long after spending a lot of time behind bars.he seen music as his only escape so while in jail serving a six month sentence for possesion 4 sale he wrote his debut solo album "siccmade ritualz" which would be released thru siccmade muzicc short after his release. he has since featured on more than 20 albums some including master p's "west coast bad boyz 3",brotha lynch'z "loaded",brotha lynch and cbo'z "blocc movement",etc. he has also since released a group album with brotha lynch...{suspition}...titled "trigganometry",a mixtape titled "so hep me god",and a second solo album titled "the whole truth",he is currently in the studio workin on his third solo album "a novel by me" and oh yea the suspition 2 and the so help me god vol.2 mitxapes shold be finished real soon so stay on the lookout and dont sleep ...MADESICC MOVEMENT (

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