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Cosa Nostra is the name of several bands: 1 - A 70s Mexican funk band who released two albums, Cosa Nostra in 1971 and Adopta Un Arbol in 1972. A CD titled Squeeze It Tight, Mexican Hot Funky Grooves 1971/72 that features tracks from both albums was released in 2004 by the spanish label Vampi Soul. 2 - A Swedish punk band with members from the old punk band Asta Kask. 3 - A 1990s Japanese Shibuya-Kei type act 4 - An American band, formed in 2005 by five guys from Long Island, New York, and previously known as The Battle For Existance. 5 - An American Deathcore band from West Palm Beach, Florida. 6 - A Bulgarian Hip-hop band. 7 - A Slovene rock band. 8. Cosa Nostra was first created by Barret Swims and Chris Jones. The two penned and recorded the first Cosa Nostra songs, but had to postpone further plans as the two continued their education. However, over the summer of 2011, Cosa Nostra became active once more, with the additions of drummer Michael Do and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist J.Ben Stout solidifying the lineup. Currently the band is writing more material and rehearsing in the bowels of Olive Branch, MS. Now, with the 6 Reasons to Live EP finished, Cosa Nostra is booking shows anywhere in the local Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas areas to bring its flavor of rock to a wider audience.

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