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"Cosmic Cowboys" is a project born from the different styles of two young venetian producers: Randomatique and Kaledj. Big friends since they 10 years they always had a total addiction for club and electronic music.Nicola Sansoni aka Randomatique, minimal dj/live performer and producer, dicovered his passion for houseand techno music living for two years in Frankfurt aM and directly got into vinyls,clubs and music programs. Kaled Jabari aka Kaledj, chill-out dj/producer & radio host, hides behind his soft side, reached after listening for many years all the best chill-out and lounge tracks, a big passion for detroit techno & deep house. It's the mix of this two different influences and styles that create their sound, a way of making music that walks the line between minimal-techno and deep house. Cosmic Cowboys's productions got the support from lot of well known names of the electronic world scene (Brendon Moeller, Hernan Cattaneo, Francois K, James Talk and Fish go Deep among the others) reaching also the charts from Solar&Poppcke (Meerestief), Maik Loewen (Karmarouge), Apologist (Wave Music) and Pixel Music (Sistrum) and appearing in the compilation from the famous venetian club "Il Muretto" that was mixed by Alex Neri with the track Apologist - Romanzo (Cosmic Cowboys RMX). Their dj/live performances are made of dubby and deep atomspheres on minimal beats, sad melodies and electronic sample, hypnotic sounds and massive pads on catchy house grooves. It's not just playing records or moving the cubes on a laptop, it's an experience in their feelings and tastes, an alchemy between the different wiews of electronic music, the pure club beat of Nico and the breathtaking melodies of Kaled. This brought them to share the decks with artists as Mathew Jonson, Cabanne, Junction SM, Mike Shannon, Ra.H, Sonja Moonear, Argenis Brito, Chronic Flakes and Dariush playing at some of the best parties and events in Italy as Altavoz, Fresh'n'Fruit, Venetian Industries Festival,Tisko Tansi, Mucha Fritura!08,... . As they say:"We're the romantic side of techno"

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