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Sasha Crnobrnja (pronounced 'Sir-no-burn-jah'), aka Cosmic Rocker became interested in drumming and DJ'ing and at age 20 and began studying drumming with master percussionist Cosimo Lampis of Brainticket. While at the same time, being heavily influenced for days to come, by the 'cosmic' scene, a little known movement of a mixture of musical styles that had its origins in Italy in the 70s. In 1993 Sasha moved to New York and soon co-founded Organic Grooves. Cosmic Rocker, the man behind Codek and the Organic Grooves parties in NYC has already been asked whether this music can be categorized? You could say 'file under: Trip Hop, Leftfield, Cosmic or Asian/World' but we won't. The point is, this is uncategorizable by name but fits many comfortable niches by vibe whether it's 'Cobra', ' Sugar', 'Occasionally Modified' or any of the other quality tracks present here.

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